Jackie and Peter – Calgary Winter Club Wedding

Here’s another fantastic wedding. From the moment I met Jackie, I was blown away by her energy! She apologized for being grumpy for our first meeting, but I didn’t accept her apology, she was too fun to be around.

We started with getting ready photos, Jackie at her parents’ house, and Peter at the Winter Club.

Once we all rolled up at the Calgary Winter Club, we had a few minutes to spare, so we did some group shots with the boys. It turned out to be too much fun, and a challenge to keep everyone’s faces straight!

Wedding ceremony time! Peter’s mother walked down the aisle with him, you can tell how happy they are.

…but there was a little confusion as to when the girls should come out!

We got there in the end!

Ah, the look of love.

It really got me how in love they obviously are!

Nothing like a ceremony photobomb!

Boom! Married.

We all went downtown in the limo. When is a limo not fun, especially when you get to take selfies in it?

We took a bunch of photos around the East Village and Simmons building, an area I love shooting in. Being the last popular wedding day of the year, though, there were 4 other wedding parties to share it with!

After that rewarding jaunt around one of the best new developments in Calgary, we went back to the Winter Club, and I had time to take in the details.

I love handwritten seating charts.

And candy-related puns.

And, very uniquely, relish as a wedding favour!

Like a lot of couples, they decided to cut down on the glass clinking with a kissing menu. I approve!

And, most exciting, the wedding cake and cupcake stand! (They were super yummy)


Before the wedding party introductions, they got into my photobooth props. Ha!

The kissing menu was used right off the bat, too!

During dinner, there was a big surprise for all involved – a dragon dance!

I usually take a few minutes during dinner to take photos of the rings – here’s their beautiful set.

Their first dance was super beautiful. I always tell people the first dance is one of my favorite parts of any wedding! The intimacy level goes through the roof!

But it’s nothing compared to the cake cutting and face stuffing…

Ah, romance. This was a super fun wedding, and the Calgary Winter Club is a great place to having a wedding ceremony and reception.