Anna & Darrell – Polish Catholic Winter Wedding

The setting for this wedding is my natural habitat, but definitely not for a bride. On this February Sunday, vehicles left plumes of exhaust and most people tried to avoid the -20° temperatures.

Anna and Darrell decided to not be most people.

Fish Creek Park Ranche Wedding13

Let’s start at the beginning of the ceremony, when everyone was warm.

The ceremony was beautiful. Though they both got ready in different parts of the same condo building, the first look was when Anna came down the aisle.

02Polish Catholic Winter Wedding01

Her father walked her down, and the photo speaks for itself.

03Polish Catholic Winter Wedding02

It’s beautiful watching two people so obviously in love get married.

04Polish Catholic Winter Wedding03

I definitely teared up during the vows.

06Polish Catholic Winter Wedding05

Married, and loving it!

09Polish Catholic Winter Wedding08

In the limo, a surprising coincidence was waiting – Did the limo company know?

01Polish Catholic Winter Wedding00

I had recently added a unique lens to my bag, and decided to have some fun with the flare! The low winter sun really helped out with this one.


10Polish Catholic Winter Wedding09

During the ride, I thought it was a great time to take photos of Anna’s unique ring!

11Polish Catholic Winter Wedding10

Our first stop was overlooking downtown Calgary from Crescent heights. We borrowed the ‘Just Married’ sign from the limo. This was about the only time you could tell how truly frigid it was.

12Winter downtown wedding

Next up was Fish Creek Park. Many of you will be familiar with the Bow Valley Ranche – A fantastic location for wedding photos.

15Fish Creek Park Ranche Wedding14

Gas lamps light the road past the ranche, but in winter, the warm glow makes winter particularly cozy.

Fish Creek Park Ranche Wedding

One more look of hopeless love on the way to the reception.

16Polish Catholic Winter Wedding15

The reception itself was held in McKenzie Towne Hall. Anna and Darrell made quite the entrance!

17Polish Catholic Winter Wedding16

The reception was very well decorated…

18Polish Catholic Winter Wedding17

…And very well stocked!

19Polish Catholic Winter Wedding18

Dinner ended up being candlelit, and very romantic!

22Polish Catholic Winter Wedding21

Also, there were bubbles.

24Polish Catholic Winter Wedding23

I mention to most clients that I think the first dance is one of the two most romantic moments during the day.

25Polish Catholic Winter Wedding24

Of course, the father-daughter/mother-son dance is super touching.

27Polish Catholic Winter Wedding26

The cake cutting can be totally cute…

29Polish Catholic Winter Wedding28

…or it can get out of control!

30Polish Catholic Winter Wedding29

Speaking of out of control, this wedding put the party in wedding party!

31Polish Catholic Winter Wedding3020Polish Catholic Winter Wedding19

I love it when everyone gets into the bouquet and garter tosses.

34Polish Catholic Winter Wedding3333Polish Catholic Winter Wedding32

What can I say about this wedding? It was a huge, long party. I left at 1, and I don’t think it ended for quite some time. Everyone was happy, can you blame them?

35Polish Catholic Winter Wedding34