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This post is very special to me – although I’ve been actively looking for a same-sex wedding couple, it took me until this year to find one. I am really looking forward to Corey and David’s wedding at the zoo next year!

David and Corey’s story is super cute. After meeting online and texting for a week, they connected instantly on their first date and have spent nearly all of their days together since then. Two years in, Corey decided to pop the question. He knew David liked penguins, so they went to the zoo. After feeding the penguins, Corey proposed to David with the rock seen fairly far into the post. The fact that they’re also getting married at the zoo sweetens the deal, and also explains the penguin photo!

While they were present at another wedding I covered, I met them through a community orchestra, as all three of us are classical musicians. Shared interests are awesomesauce!

For this shoot, we spent the evening in the sun in Eau Claire, mostly in Prince’s Island Park.

24 Gay Engagement Eau Claire

“I’m flying, Jack!”

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Ah, summer – Gone are the rosy cheeks of winter, and the red eyes of allergy season have taken their place!

Since I love nature photography so much, getting out into a park in summer is one of my favorite things to do. For this shoot, Kate, Terry and I went to the Weaselhead, an alluvial plain at the west end of the Glenmore Reservoir on the Elbow River in Calgary. It’s been a while since I’d shot there, so I was super excited!

Romantic Relatonship photography in Calgary by Matthew Hicks, Wedding Photographer

In the late afternoon, the Elbow river winds beautifully through the valley, glinting in the light – A perfect background.


Romantic Relatonship photography in Calgary by Matthew Hicks, Wedding Photographer

I’ve known these two for a few years now and, like so many others, they make a fantastic couple!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

Here’s a fun fact: The path down into Weaselhead park is actually the old Priddis Road. This makes it straight, wide, and a great place to take romantic photos!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

Around this artery are many pathways and beautiful bridges surrounded by the best nature Calgary has to offer. In the middle of these photos, we stopped to watch a beaver swimming under us!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

There’s something about these wooden bridges that are all over Calgary that just draws me in for relationship photos like nothing else.

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

It had been a rainy day before the sun broke out, and I was actually sad that it was so clear. I have a collection of umbrellas, and I’m always sad when I don’t get to use them.

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

However, the light did make for some neat shadows! (Can you find both hearts?)

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

All in all, this was a great session in a rustic, natural setting. There’s nothing better for an intimate photoshoot than being away from the loud noises of the city, surrounded instead by birdsong and trickling water. A big thanks to these two for letting me capture the day!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

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Ah, spring. I love spring. I love the soft, evening light coming across the flowers. Laura and John do, too! For this shoot, we went to a skinny park along the Elbow River in Elbow Park. This is somewhere I want to take more photos! Despite being crammed in between the Elbow River pathway and Elbow Drive, it’s quiet and intimate.

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

As for the couple? Well, they’re delightfully nerdy and awkward – Not that you’d know it from looking!


Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

They first met in their workplace – And flirting in office emails is work! John tried to flirt with Laura using Disney movies, and Laura tried to flirt back – But their flirtations never quite met because they’re both incredibly bad at flirting!

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

To quote progressive rock band Yes, or perhaps to paraphase Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, ‘Love will find a way’. And, as it does, they eventually made the connection.

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

Now they’re just a ridiculously cute couple, and I hope this won’t be the last time I get to work with them!

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

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A prelude post! I’m looking forward to these two’s wedding at the beginning of September!!

Last fall we had a lovely couple shoot in Edworthy Park! The weather was brilliant and let their love shine!


Heather and Alex - Calgary Engagement Photography

Edworthy Park is a favorite place of mine. Next to the inner city, it has many quiet pathways near the river and the smells of deep pine and spruce forest do a very convincing imitation of being in the mountains. Sunnier parts have aspen groves that turn brilliant yellow in the fall!


On to these two: A classic contemporary love story.

The stage is set on a computer, much like the one you’re using now! They met through OKCupid, with Alex finding Heather. Finding a match of over 80%, Alex was intrigued by Heather’s very carefully designed profile.┬áDates at the science center, rock climbing, and cross country skiing followed and it became obvious that they were on to something special. Heather’s dog Daphne’s seal of approval was the final hurdle, and they soon couldn’t stand to be parted.


Alex and Heather lived at different ends of Calgary, and before too long tired of the 60km round trip that they made far too often. After a discussion of important preferences (including whether the toilet paper goes under or over!) they decided to move in together, and make the house truly their own.


With Heather providing the creative genius, and Alex providing the grunt work, they tore out and completely rebuilt their bathroom and kitchen. After six months of living in a construction zone, they had done it. Heather had the bathroom and kitchen of her dreams, and Alex was an expert at tiling (having installed about 18 million of them!) Of course, you don’t just build a bathroom and kitchen for anybody, and Alex knew he’d need to put a rock on it.


Enlisting Heather’s sisters help, Alex set out to find the perfect ring for Heather. Looking for something as unique and quirky as she is, he found it with a mystic topaz. But Heather had somehow gotten wind of Alex’s intentions, and so a brilliant scheme was required to catch her by surprise. Fortunately, Alex had just such a scheme. It began with heading into the mountains for a romantic weekend getaway at Chateau Lake Louise. Upon arriving at their destination, Heather knew something big must be coming. From the lakeview room, the champagne and strawberries, fancy dinners, room service bringing breakfast in bed, a romantic walk around the lake, a couples massage, this trip had it all. All except a ring, as Heather discovered when they drove home with no ring on her finger.


This was, of course, all according to plan. Alex endured an understandably grumpy Heather upon their return to Calgary, and the next day suggested going out to a cafe. Nothing special, he said, just a simple cup of coffee. But it was something special. And so, one year to the day and to the very hour, Alex proposed at the same cafe, at the very same table, where they first met. Complete surprise was achieved.


Fast forward to today, and we’re all super excited for this upcoming wedding at Heritage Park! There’s nothing that gets me pumped up like a special wedding, in this case, one that’s retro as all heck!


Keep watching for the wedding day blog, and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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