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This one’s fairly short. Roberta and John realized fairly quickly that they were meant to be together. Both parishioners at Christ Church in Elbow Park, there was no debate about where the wedding should be!

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 01

A very special part about this wedding is that this was a third wedding for both of them. Why would that be special? Well, it has to be to go through all this again!

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 02

There ended up being 3 flower girls with a gorgeous rainbow of colours. There were supposed to be 5, but the other two were a bit too young to make it all the way down the aisle!

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 07

Did I mention that the flowers were on point?

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 08

The ceremony was very lighthearted, and everyone had a smile on their face by the time the kiss rolled around.

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 05

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 04

The main doors of the church were closed for renovation, but they still made a lovely exit out of the loggia.

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 09

A quick dash off to the side to have some cute time with older people!

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 10

The reception was a whole lot of fun. With their combined families, children and grandchildren, it was surprisingly large! There were lovely tributes from their kids:

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 11

…and cheeky ones from their grandkids!

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 14

There was no doubt that everyone enjoyed the day immensely.

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 13

I was very happy to spend a lovely afternoon with Roberta and John on their wedding day!

Christ Church Calgary Wedding 12

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Melissa and Brendan have known each other for most of their lives, so it’s fantastic to see them finally tying the knot!

I’ve known Brendan since grade 3, and I was honoured when they asked me to photograph their wedding. It was extremely special, as Brendan’s father had died the previous summer, and Brendan and Melissa had moved into his beautifully landscaped house. The backyard had a koi pond as well as a large stone area which was perfect for the ceremony.

Melissa and Brendan were both ready go to by the time I got there. 15 minutes before the ceremony, Melissa said “Is everyone here? Can we just go now?”

04 Calgary Backyard Wedding

01 Calgary Backyard Wedding

I loved the detail on her dress!

03 Calgary Backyard Wedding

All the while, this loveable cat was wandering around looking stylish as all heck with his kitty sized bow tie!

02 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Brendan and his guys walked in around the house first, and then Melissa walked out from the bedroom. Fantastic first look!

09 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Brendan then walked Melissa the rest of the way in.

06 Calgary Backyard Wedding07 Calgary Backyard Wedding

The looks they gave each other during the wedding were seriously fabulous.

11 Calgary Backyard Wedding

The vows were fantastic, too!

15 Calgary Backyard Wedding16 Calgary Backyard Wedding

After the exchange of the rings…

18 Calgary Backyard Wedding20 Calgary Backyard Wedding

…They had a sand ceremony. I love the symbolism here, and they did such a good job of mixing their sand!

Calgary Backyard Wedding Sand Ceremony

21 Calgary Backyard Wedding

“Ow! That’s really hard!”

22 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Just-Married High Fives!

12 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Melissa and Brendan made this archway for the wedding, and I thought it was a fantastic touch.

24 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Those familiar with Silver Springs will know the Birthplace Forest, and that’s where the wedding party headed for photos after. Just enough shade to keep us out of the baking August sun!

25 Calgary Backyard Wedding26 Calgary Backyard Wedding

27 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Then we all went to Mac’s for some cool, sugary drinks. Have you ever seen that before?

29 Calgary Backyard Wedding30 Calgary Backyard Wedding

31 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Overlooking Bowmont Park, they made such a cute couple!

32 Calgary Backyard Wedding

On to the reception, there were some fantastic personal touches. Brendan home brews beer, and made a special batch as wedding favours, as Melissa designed the labels!

36 Calgary Backyard Wedding

The anime cake topper was very them, as well.

37 Calgary Backyard Wedding

And, my personal favorite, the candy bar!

33 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Did someone say comfy converse for wedding shoes? Stylish, the right colour, and nobody needs to know!

35 Calgary Backyard Wedding

First dance, and it was so much fun!

39 Calgary Backyard Wedding

Another fantastic part of the wedding was that the band was the same band that Brendan’s father played in. Brendan took the stage with them for a set toward the end of the night.

40 Calgary Backyard Wedding

And it was a LOT of fun!

42 Calgary Backyard Wedding

This was a fun and excellent wedding, and one that I was happy and honoured to shoot!

08 Calgary Backyard Wedding


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Ah, summer – Gone are the rosy cheeks of winter, and the red eyes of allergy season have taken their place!

Since I love nature photography so much, getting out into a park in summer is one of my favorite things to do. For this shoot, Kate, Terry and I went to the Weaselhead, an alluvial plain at the west end of the Glenmore Reservoir on the Elbow River in Calgary. It’s been a while since I’d shot there, so I was super excited!

Romantic Relatonship photography in Calgary by Matthew Hicks, Wedding Photographer

In the late afternoon, the Elbow river winds beautifully through the valley, glinting in the light – A perfect background.


Romantic Relatonship photography in Calgary by Matthew Hicks, Wedding Photographer

I’ve known these two for a few years now and, like so many others, they make a fantastic couple!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

Here’s a fun fact: The path down into Weaselhead park is actually the old Priddis Road. This makes it straight, wide, and a great place to take romantic photos!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

Around this artery are many pathways and beautiful bridges surrounded by the best nature Calgary has to offer. In the middle of these photos, we stopped to watch a beaver swimming under us!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

There’s something about these wooden bridges that are all over Calgary that just draws me in for relationship photos like nothing else.

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

It had been a rainy day before the sun broke out, and I was actually sad that it was so clear. I have a collection of umbrellas, and I’m always sad when I don’t get to use them.

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

However, the light did make for some neat shadows! (Can you find both hearts?)

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

All in all, this was a great session in a rustic, natural setting. There’s nothing better for an intimate photoshoot than being away from the loud noises of the city, surrounded instead by birdsong and trickling water. A big thanks to these two for letting me capture the day!

Romantic Relationship photography in Calgary

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Ah, spring. I love spring. I love the soft, evening light coming across the flowers. Laura and John do, too! For this shoot, we went to a skinny park along the Elbow River in Elbow Park. This is somewhere I want to take more photos! Despite being crammed in between the Elbow River pathway and Elbow Drive, it’s quiet and intimate.

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

As for the couple? Well, they’re delightfully nerdy and awkward – Not that you’d know it from looking!


Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

They first met in their workplace – And flirting in office emails is work! John tried to flirt with Laura using Disney movies, and Laura tried to flirt back – But their flirtations never quite met because they’re both incredibly bad at flirting!

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

To quote progressive rock band Yes, or perhaps to paraphase Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, ‘Love will find a way’. And, as it does, they eventually made the connection.

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

Now they’re just a ridiculously cute couple, and I hope this won’t be the last time I get to work with them!

Calgary Relationship photography by Matthew Hicks, Calgary Wedding photographer

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This one’s about as close as they get to me! I’ve known Brendan since we were both in grade 3. Thing is, Melissa’s known Brendan for just as long!


We decided to take this summer engagement shoot to the heart of Calgary – Prince’s Island Park, nestled between two streams of the Bow River by Eau Claire.


Windmills are cool.

I love shooting around here. The calm of the lagoon with trees drooping all around, interrupted only by the sounds of the angry goose’s honk – Because seriously, screw those guys.

That evening, though, the honking murder machines couldn’t hope to compete with the sheer amount of love in the air.


Hanging out with these two is really great because of the calm contentment of their love.


My favorite weddings to shoot are, well, most of them! They’re the ones where two people are so obviously in love that it shows in every photo. I know you’re getting the vibe!


Plus, having such great chemistry can’t be beaten!


One reason we chose to have this shoot in Prince’s Island is that Brendan proposed to Melissa here!


These photos aren’t the whole story. They’re not the beginning, and they’re not the end – They’re a wonderful chapter in a long, terrific story.

Tune in later to see their lovely backyard wedding ceremony!

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A prelude post! I’m looking forward to these two’s wedding at the beginning of September!!

Last fall we had a lovely couple shoot in Edworthy Park! The weather was brilliant and let their love shine!


Heather and Alex - Calgary Engagement Photography

Edworthy Park is a favorite place of mine. Next to the inner city, it has many quiet pathways near the river and the smells of deep pine and spruce forest do a very convincing imitation of being in the mountains. Sunnier parts have aspen groves that turn brilliant yellow in the fall!


On to these two: A classic contemporary love story.

The stage is set on a computer, much like the one you’re using now! They met through OKCupid, with Alex finding Heather. Finding a match of over 80%, Alex was intrigued by Heather’s very carefully designed profile.┬áDates at the science center, rock climbing, and cross country skiing followed and it became obvious that they were on to something special. Heather’s dog Daphne’s seal of approval was the final hurdle, and they soon couldn’t stand to be parted.


Alex and Heather lived at different ends of Calgary, and before too long tired of the 60km round trip that they made far too often. After a discussion of important preferences (including whether the toilet paper goes under or over!) they decided to move in together, and make the house truly their own.


With Heather providing the creative genius, and Alex providing the grunt work, they tore out and completely rebuilt their bathroom and kitchen. After six months of living in a construction zone, they had done it. Heather had the bathroom and kitchen of her dreams, and Alex was an expert at tiling (having installed about 18 million of them!) Of course, you don’t just build a bathroom and kitchen for anybody, and Alex knew he’d need to put a rock on it.


Enlisting Heather’s sisters help, Alex set out to find the perfect ring for Heather. Looking for something as unique and quirky as she is, he found it with a mystic topaz. But Heather had somehow gotten wind of Alex’s intentions, and so a brilliant scheme was required to catch her by surprise. Fortunately, Alex had just such a scheme. It began with heading into the mountains for a romantic weekend getaway at Chateau Lake Louise. Upon arriving at their destination, Heather knew something big must be coming. From the lakeview room, the champagne and strawberries, fancy dinners, room service bringing breakfast in bed, a romantic walk around the lake, a couples massage, this trip had it all. All except a ring, as Heather discovered when they drove home with no ring on her finger.


This was, of course, all according to plan. Alex endured an understandably grumpy Heather upon their return to Calgary, and the next day suggested going out to a cafe. Nothing special, he said, just a simple cup of coffee. But it was something special. And so, one year to the day and to the very hour, Alex proposed at the same cafe, at the very same table, where they first met. Complete surprise was achieved.


Fast forward to today, and we’re all super excited for this upcoming wedding at Heritage Park! There’s nothing that gets me pumped up like a special wedding, in this case, one that’s retro as all heck!


Keep watching for the wedding day blog, and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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This beautiful winter wedding wasn’t supposed to be. The couple, of course, was meant to be – but this wedding takes place in May!

I arrived before anyone else in Inverness Square in McKenzie Towne to find it looking a bit different from when I’d visited it the previous week.

McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

Still, there was no turning back. The note on their fridge whiteboard said so.

18 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

Everyone hurried to the gazebo for the wedding as it started snowing again!

04 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

Luckily, most people had umbrellas. Watching Jessie and her baby being walked down by her dad was very unique!

06 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

That’s right, a newborn baby.

05 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

I absolutely love winter weddings, but I feel bad because this was absolutely not intended to be one!

03 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

That didn’t put a damper on anyone’s spirits, however.

02 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

I loved watching them read their vows, both handwritten and memorized.

10 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding11 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

In a surprising twist, Jordan got down on his knee to put the wedding ring on!

12 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

And their son loved it!

13 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

Then, the snowy kiss.

14 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding15 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

And a triumphant, if speedy, exit!

16 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

Jessie and Jordan held a small reception in their home, with some beautiful decorations to light up the walls.

19 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

Family members pitched in with cute baked goods. Heart cookies, anyone?

20 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

Catering can be a big cost of a wedding. When trying to keep it small, there’s something that almost everyone will love. Pizza!

21 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

As I’ve mentioned before, I think the first dance is incredibly romantic. Even in the kitchen of their home, Jessie and Jordan’s love positively glowed.

22 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding24 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding23 McKenzie Towne Winter Elopement Wedding

This was a small wedding, but one that was truly built on love. I love how they tied so much of their wedding into the life they have built together, and I’m touched that they chose me to record their wedding day. Thank you!

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For me, winter is the most magical time of the year. That’s why, when Glenn contacted me about his upcoming wedding to Veronica in Lake Louise, I was ecstatic!

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_05

This wedding was their legal wedding here in Canada, but in Albania, there was to be a bigger celebration that could involve more family – Hence the red dress!

Before the ceremony, we did a few fun group photos in the new wing of the Chateau Lake Louise.

The nearly-newly-weds…

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_01


Lake Louise Winter Wedding_02

..and girls!

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_03

The wedding itself was held in the Fairview room of the Chateau Lake Louise. Lots of people attended from overseas via Skype!


Lake Louise Winter Wedding 21

Veronica and Glenn had very heartfelt vows, and I’m very sure everyone was touched.

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_09Lake Louise Winter Wedding_08

As you’d expect, the mood was as bright as the light coming through the huge windows!Lake Louise Winter Wedding_20

When the ceremony was over, there was a champagne toast, very fitting for the arches and chandeliers of the Chateau.

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_11

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_12

Then we bundled up and went outside into the snow. This is undoubtedly my favorite part of a winter wedding in the mountains!

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_13

Even though Mt. Victoria was socked in with clouds, Lake Louise is still very recognizable as a winter wonderland. I really love that Veronica wore an unconventional red wedding dress! As you can see with the above photo, white can get lost in the snow, but red? Not a chance!

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_14

There’s no way the cold of this winter day could dampen anyone’s spirits.

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_15

…Even though there were some blooper moments!


Lake Louise Winter Wedding_16

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_17

The Chateau Lake Louise has multiple restaurants, and they know how to do good food! Everyone was seated around a single long table, and that gave me an idea for a group photo for all that attended.

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_19

This was a gorgeous winter wedding, and I look forward to having more weddings in Lake Louise! It was a fantastic place and each and every one of us created treasured memories – I’m honoured to have been part of Victoria and Glenn’s big day.

Lake Louise Winter Wedding_18

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The setting for this wedding is my natural habitat, but definitely not for a bride. On this February Sunday, vehicles left plumes of exhaust and most people tried to avoid the -20┬░ temperatures.

Anna and Darrell decided to not be most people.

Fish Creek Park Ranche Wedding13

Let’s start at the beginning of the ceremony, when everyone was warm.

The ceremony was beautiful. Though they both got ready in different parts of the same condo building, the first look was when Anna came down the aisle.

02Polish Catholic Winter Wedding01

Her father walked her down, and the photo speaks for itself.

03Polish Catholic Winter Wedding02

It’s beautiful watching two people so obviously in love get married.

04Polish Catholic Winter Wedding03

I definitely teared up during the vows.

06Polish Catholic Winter Wedding05

Married, and loving it!

09Polish Catholic Winter Wedding08

In the limo, a surprising coincidence was waiting – Did the limo company know?

01Polish Catholic Winter Wedding00

I had recently added a unique lens to my bag, and decided to have some fun with the flare! The low winter sun really helped out with this one.


10Polish Catholic Winter Wedding09

During the ride, I thought it was a great time to take photos of Anna’s unique ring!

11Polish Catholic Winter Wedding10

Our first stop was overlooking downtown Calgary from Crescent heights. We borrowed the ‘Just Married’ sign from the limo. This was about the only time you could tell how truly frigid it was.

12Winter downtown wedding

Next up was Fish Creek Park. Many of you will be familiar with the Bow Valley Ranche – A fantastic location for wedding photos.

15Fish Creek Park Ranche Wedding14

Gas lamps light the road past the ranche, but in winter, the warm glow makes winter particularly cozy.

Fish Creek Park Ranche Wedding

One more look of hopeless love on the way to the reception.

16Polish Catholic Winter Wedding15

The reception itself was held in McKenzie Towne Hall. Anna and Darrell made quite the entrance!

17Polish Catholic Winter Wedding16

The reception was very well decorated…

18Polish Catholic Winter Wedding17

…And very well stocked!

19Polish Catholic Winter Wedding18

Dinner ended up being candlelit, and very romantic!

22Polish Catholic Winter Wedding21

Also, there were bubbles.

24Polish Catholic Winter Wedding23

I mention to most clients that I think the first dance is one of the two most romantic moments during the day.

25Polish Catholic Winter Wedding24

Of course, the father-daughter/mother-son dance is super touching.

27Polish Catholic Winter Wedding26

The cake cutting can be totally cute…

29Polish Catholic Winter Wedding28

…or it can get out of control!

30Polish Catholic Winter Wedding29

Speaking of out of control, this wedding put the party in wedding party!

31Polish Catholic Winter Wedding3020Polish Catholic Winter Wedding19

I love it when everyone gets into the bouquet and garter tosses.

34Polish Catholic Winter Wedding3333Polish Catholic Winter Wedding32

What can I say about this wedding? It was a huge, long party. I left at 1, and I don’t think it ended for quite some time. Everyone was happy, can you blame them?

35Polish Catholic Winter Wedding34

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